Industry Surveys

In 2008 the ICT Industry Workgroup (now CICTA) first sought feedback on Queensland Government (QG) ICT policies, initiatives and outcomes. 

In subsequent years this led the Workgroup to assess the government’s progress and outcomes of activities listed under its ICT Strategic Plan.

Following the change of government in 2012, this strategic plan was abandoned and major cost cutting saw most ICT projects terminated or frozen pending an audit and reprioritising of all QG agency ICT projects.

The loss of ICT project activity in the Queensland Government had an immediate impact on the local ICT industry. In order to quantify this, the Workgroup initiated its first ICT Industry Business Climate Survey in August 2012.

The survey was repeated with expanded question sets in 2013 and 2014.  

Survey methodology

ICT Industry Business Climate surveys use a web-based survey tool and remain open for several weeks to allow member associations time to publicise the survey to their own members.

The survey link was also emailed to the list of people who had attended previous ICT industry forums.

Responses are anonymous and will be kept strictly confidential with only the pooled results to be released.

The scope of the survey has remained constant, however questions have been refined over time based on the feedback from respondents and ICT associations.

Surveys are divided into three sections. The first section profiles the organisation that the respondent works for and establishes company size, business focus and geographical coverage.  The second section is for all ICT companies that do business in Queensland. The third has additional questions for ICT companies that have in the past, or currently do business with the Queensland Government.

Questions are multiple-choice and respondents may tick more than one response to a question. Space is also provided at the end of the survey for additional comments, feedback, observations and suggestions that will assist in the engagement of CICTA with the Queensland ICT Industry and the Queensland Government.

CICTA plans to track industry trends by repeating the ICT Business Climate Survey at regular intervals.

Interpretation of results from 2014 ICT Business Climate Survey

Figures between surveys cannot be compared because it is not possible to assess whether the same companies responded each year.

Number of respondents has declined in each of the three annual business climate surveys.

The 2014, respondents worked for companies that were smaller, more focused in comparison with the previous year. Client focus also reflected a general downturn in spending by the government and the resources sectors.

Only one-third of respondents were sole operators. Most companies represented were based in Queensland with half operating interstate.

The number of contractors has declined over the three survey periods.

66% of respondents believe business conditions have stabilised in Queensland with 47% expecting conditions to improve next year. Each year, respondents with smaller commercial exposure in Queensland show more optimism that business conditions will improve in the next year.

18% of respondents believe QG policies have assisted them (up from 1% in 2013).

49% believe QG policies have hindered them (down from 81% in 2013).

5 times as many respondents were negative towards QG policies than were positive.

8 times as many respondents were negative towards QG actions than were positive

In summary

Survey results reflect increased industry apathy, a move away from QG business and a decline in business turnover.

Each year respondents expect things to improve the following year.

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