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The Key Messages
The clear message from the CICTA G20 ICT Forum held in Brisbane on 10 November 2014 is that the opportunities for Queensland, Australia and world economies presented by digital technologies and the opening up of Government, Research and Industry data are immense. Indeed, credible estimates have identified the opportunity to add US$13 Trillion to G20 economies. Opening up data is essential and Governments are beginning to act but the full benefits will only be captured if we start planning now to ensure that in the years ahead we have an appropriately skilled workforce and the necessary supply of highly skilled ICT professionals.  

The Forum, organised by CICTA - the umbrella body representing eleven ICT related associations in Queensland – heard from an outstanding list of presenters who outlined a compelling story of how the exponential growth in computing power and the rapid evolution of technology is dramatically changing our world and opening up new opportunities for growth and higher living standards. However the message from the speakers was that the technology tsunami is coming rapidly and we must act now if we are to fully capture the benefits of the digital age.

Call to Action
CICTA calls on the Queensland Government to join with CICTA and other key employer and education institutions to immediately form a Digital Economy Working Group.  The priority task of the Working Group would be to initiate a study identifying likely trends and scenarios for employment in Queensland given the accelerating advancement of digital technologies. Based on these findings the Group would be asked to;

  • identify the types of jobs at risk
  • identify what new jobs will most likely be created
  • identify the digital skills that will be most in demand
  • identify new opportunities that will emerge from new digital technologies
    outline implications for Queensland’s education and training programmes, and for workforce planning
  • recommend key actions to be taken by Government, industry and the education sector.         

24th Annual WiT Awards Gala Dinner

24th Annual WiT Awards Gala Dinner

Join us at the 24th Annual WiT Awards Gala Dinner and together we can celebrate the contributions and successes of the many incredible women working in all fields of science and technology.

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